- At the moment, we deliver only in Moscow!
- The order can be placed on the website or by phone +7 (919) 967-05-64 daily no later than Thursday evening.
- Orders on the site are accepted around the clock, by phone - until 19:00.

Delivery time
- During the period of self-isolation, goods are delivered by courier only on Saturdays.


Cost of delivery
- The minimum order amount for delivery by courier is NOT available.
- With an order amount of up to 5000 rubles. The cost of delivery within the MKAD is 350 rubles.
- With an order amount of more than 5,000 rubles, taking into account all discounts, promotions and special offers, delivery within the MKAD is FREE.
All questions on orders (to clarify the availability of goods, delivery time, order amount, etc.) can be asked by phone +7 (919) 967-05-64


Available payment methods for the order:
- Cash upon receipt of order